Frequently asked questions about Knit for Peace holidays

Q. Do I have to be an expert knitter?
A. No. We welcome all levels of skills.

Q. What if I can’t knit or crochet at all?
A. We’ll teach you.

Q. Will I be embarrassed by my poor skill level?
A. Absolutely not. No one is born knowing how to knit. Most people learn the basics quite quickly (in a couple of hours!)

Q. If I came on my own would I feel left out?
A. Absolutely not! Knit for Peace prides itself on its friendly, inclusive approach. We try to ensure everyone is invited to join in, though if you want to be left alone that is ok too.

Q. I have special dietary needs.
A. Let us know. We can do our best to help. On some holidays meals are included, on others, for example in Central London people prefer to choose where they eat (e.g. club or hotel restaurant, at the bar, or if they prefer, eat out).

Q. Do I need to bring yarn and needles etc?
A. We provide yarn and needles but if you are working on a particular project then do bring it along.

Q. What if I want to visit friends in the area, am I allowed out?
A. You are free to come and go.

Q. Will I get a chance to sightsee?
A. Yes, we have built in spare time usually in the afternoon, so people can visit places of interest. We also organise some visits to places of interest not always open to the public.

Q. If you had to summarise a Knit for Peace holiday what would you say?
A. Friendly, warm, chance to meet new people, laugh a lot, form friendships, improve knitting techniques.

Q. How do I get to the holiday?
A. We make sure the venues are accessible by public transport, and usually have on site parking, though there may be an additional charge (for example in central London).

Q. If I’m worried can I ask for help?
A. We are happy to hear from you.