Projects and Patterns

You can send your knitted items to Knit for Peace, Radius Works, Back Lane, London NW3 1HL for us to forward to the appropriate charity. I’m afraid we can’t pay for postage but if you club together with a group and send items over 5 kilos it will be cheaper to arrange a courier.
Fill in this form Knitted Goods Recording Sheet 2014 when you send in your donations so we know who has sent us what. You can contact us at for more information. You can see more patterns on our Designer page.

Bootie Steve w Milk A6 Baby Slippers for children’s hospitals. This lovely pattern by Erika Knight is to celebrate the birth our new Prince. (If it’s good enough for George, then it is good enough for us! )
Hospitals need booties for the tiny newborns that they treat, so send them to us and we’ll pass them on.
Baby Slippers Pattern
KnitForPeace-MatineeJacket Baby Layette We need baby clothes, booties, matinee jackets and little hats. Please keep them together in a transparent plastic bag. Here are some lovely patterns donated by Stylecraft Baby beret Babyjumperssm Babyshoes Premature Baby Hat Baby Slippers Pattern
Baby_Sophisticate baby-berry-hat2 Charity_Baby_Hat_Ex
Premature baby hats for Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Ribbed hats are preferred as they fit most sizes of head and most bright colours, apart from yellow, are very popular with families. Yellow can make babies look jaundiced and is best avoided. Superwash or acrylic wool is best.
Premature Baby Hat
Teddy bears for Cancer Recovery UK
Cancer Recover UK work with people across the country to help them prevent or live with cancer. Many of their clients are children who, despite their conditions, haven’t lost the love of play. Any machine washable wool is best.
Teddy Bear Pattern
Patients-in-Care-Home-in-Uk Blankets These are useful for lots of the projects that we send things to, and not just to keep people warm. We have been sending them hospitals where it helps elderly people to find their beds again.Here are a variety of free patterns some easier than others. Crochet_Color_Block BLANKET_SQUARE_
Hats, gloves, scarves and jumpers for Women, Homeless, Asylum Seeker and Refugee Shelters
Knit for Peace donates items to a variety of shelters in the UK. The people who use these shelters often leave their homes with little more than what’s on their backs, so knitwear can bring an important piece of warmth to their lives. We need items in both child and adult sizes. Anything machine washable is best.
One size fits all hatchild JumperPatternMittensHat patternsHats and mitts

Mittens for All

A young girl sends her thanks to Knit for Peace
 Warm hats
These are most welcome at any time. There are simple and complicated patterns here, whatever takes your fancy.
 Knitted Blankets for Mayhew Animal Home
Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from knitting, our animal friends love knitted items too! Mayhew animal home have put a call out for 125 knitted cat dog blankets to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the charity. They need knitted blankets, up to 1m squared. Anything machine washable is best.
Animal Blanket Pattern
Jumpers for Barsana
Barsana is an Indian NGO providing a wide range of support to poor communities in Delhi, rural Rajasthan, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Often these communities sleep outdoors or in under heated shelters, so warm donated knitted clothes are essential. They need jumpers for street children (3-16 years). Bright colours preferred. Superwash wool is best.
Baby clothes for Hospitals
We send baby clothes to hospitals in the UK and abroad.

Giving birth at home raises the mortality rate. Doctors at have found that baby clothes donated by Knit for Peace given to mothers who have their child at the hospital act as an incentive for women to come and give birth in a safer environment, as well as keeping the newborn warm. Baby clothes for newborns (full term to 18 months) are needed. Bright colours are preferred. Superwash wool is best.
Baby Jumper Pattern
Hand puppets for Stepping Stones Nigeria
Stepping Stones Nigeria (SSN) is a UK based child rights charity working to transform the lives of vulnerable children in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. With high levels of malnutrition, poverty, persistent violent conflicts and disease, increasing numbers of children in the Niger Delta are being forced to the streets putting them at risk of abuse, rape and trafficking. SSN works with Nigerian partner organisations to ensure these children get a proper education, healthcare, food and protection.
SSN require knitted hand puppets to engage disadvantaged children in education and give them a brighter future. Acrylic wool is best.
Bee PatternSnake PatternMouse Pattern