Keep it coming!  We’ve had loads of knitting in recently, including lots of blankets and jumpers from the Friends of Mother Teresa Knitting Group and the Brighton Knitting Group.  A huge thank you to everyone who has sent knitting in to us.  We are sending items out to refugee centres and community groups in the UK , where we know clothing is much needed.  The children’s hats and jumpers for Afghanistan were sent via India.  We are very fussy about delivering with people we know rather than relying on shippers (as so much seems to go disappear at customs or the docks).  The bright colours of the children’s jumpers were much loved.  You’d never lose your child in a crowd!

Baby clothes for Sierra Leone are always needed.  It’s a country with one of the highest maternal deaths ( as many as 1 in 8 women die in child birth).  Lives are saved if the women come to the hospital for the delivery.  Rather surprisingly, the women come if they can be assured of getting a ‘bundle’ (a selection of baby clothes), so your knitting not only keeps the baby warm, but helps save a mother’s life.

This baby received a lovely matching dress and hat knitted by an 84 year old lady as part of her bundle.