Knitting Holidays


Knit for Peace holidays

Mysore, India 2019

12th January – 25th January 2019 (Led by Renée Callahan)

Gladstone’s Library, 2019

4th May – 7th May 2019 (Knitting tutorial by Sasha Kagan)

Mysore, India 2020

January 2020 (Led by Debbie Bliss and Gillian Ely)

Past Knit for Peace holidays

thegreenhotelThe Green Hotel, Mysore, South India
16th October – 29th October 2018
Led by Ann Kingstone
Yorkshire MillThe Great Yorkshire Wool Hunt 2018
13th May – 16th May 2018
Edinburgh Country HouseEdinburgh Country House Party 2018
14th March – 17th March 2018
thegreenhotelThe Green Hotel, Mysore, South India
20th January – 2nd February 2018
Led by Jane Crowfoot
thegreenhotelThe Green Hotel, Mysore, South India
21st January – 2nd February 2017
Led by Sarah Hazell
thegreenhotelThe Green Hotel, Mysore, South India
23rd January – 3rd February 2016
Led by Jane Crowfoot
jaipurJaipur, Rajasthan, India.
16th – 27th October 2015
Led by Rosy Tucker
UWCUniversity Women’s Club
Mayfair, London. Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April
Guest tutors included:
Katy Bevan: crochet & knit jewellery. Nathan Taylor: double-knitting. Kat Stiff: make a pin cushion Nigel Farage or Michael Gove etc.
– A comfortable stay in the heart of London
– Learn to knit / crochet one-to-one tuition
(or improve your techniques)
– See Dani Liebeck’s extraordinary 365 scarf project
– Curated visit to V&A collection
thegreenhotelThe Green Hotel
Mysore, India. 24th Jan – 4th Feb 2015
Led by Debbie Bliss
“A wonderful holiday. It was a dream come true for me,
as my three main passions in life are knitting, India and
helping those less fortunate! I wouldn’t have missed it
for the world, loved every minute”.
greatyorkshirewoolhuntThe Great Yorkshire Wool Hunt
Bradford. 13th – 15th May 2014
Workshops by Erika Knight
“New friendships were made, knitting skills and tips
were shared, and old chums re-acquainted from
previous Knit for Peace Holidays.”
erikaknightThe Colour Experience
Mysore, India. 25th Jan – 6th Feb 2014
Workshops by Erika Knight
“A magical week, full of colour and laughter.
Learnt a lot, can’t wait for the next time”.